The L.I.F.E. System (Living Information Forms Energy)
is the finest state-of-the-art healthSecond Generation System technology available for the 21st century. The L.I.F.E. System utilizes biofeedback to measure subtle reactive patterns in the body. Later, as a Bio Modulator, it feeds back information to aid and entrain the body to regulate itself.

The entire process is:
        • safe
        • effective
        • non-invasive
        • painless

It establishes harmonic balance in all the body's systems, improving quality of life
and well being. Second Generation Box & Harness
Every component of the
L.I.F.E. System has been compiled with the greatest degree of competency and integrity. Read the science behind the System:

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It is CE Certified throughout the European Union as a Class 2A Medical instrument. In addition, the L.I.F.E. System is registered in Australia, S. Africa, and Saudi Arabia. Rigorous testing, double-blind studies and subsequent approval by TUV Germany is your guarantee of quality and efficacy. The L.I.F.E. System is the only device of its kind that has achieved this certification of assurance.

Without equal in any field of medicine, The L.I.F.E. System integrates Ancient Healing Arts and modern medical advances with emerging technologies. Employing principles of Quantum Physics and diverse fields of alternative medicine, a new holistic approach is formed to deliver bioenergetic health.

Client Headband
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LIFE System is dedicated to delivering the finest state-of-the-art stress management device possible. Every component of the L.I.F.E. System has been compiled with the greatest degree of competency and integrity.


There are 2 generations of the L.I.F.E. System available for professional and consumer use.
Both generations utilize a software program with hardware accessories interfacing with the body at 5 places. The 2 wrist, 2 ankle and head bands contain conductive flexible graphite & vinyl materials (The 2nd generation includes 8 L.E.D.'s ) all of which communicate with the body’s electromagnetic field. Along with the hardware unit these contacts make up the complete system interface. This is the biofeedback system, through which Bioenergetic Assessment, Bioresonance and Biofeedback is delivered.

Applying Footband




The L.I.F.E. System is at the top of its class in:

• Bioenergetic Assessment
• Biofeedback & Bioresonance
• Energy Balancing
• Stress Management Technology

Resulting in enhanced Quality of Life & Well Being

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Some "stress" can be a welcome stimulant to vital growth for humanity, bringing inovation and creative solutions to address issues. However, modern lifestyles are rife with unheathy varieties of Client and Practitionerstress which increases the rapid breakdown of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The L.I.F.E. System has 6,965 seperate factors that it can analize and address. Read more here:



In addition to being an insightful evaluation tool, The L.I.F.E. System is the world-leadingperformance enhancement device used by professional and private practitioners alike for achieving energetic harmony, bioelectromagnetic balance and stress management. From birth, each cell of Handshakeour body is programmed to be continuously receiving, sending, and interpreting subtle electromagnetic information.

This exchange is vital for ensuring that all necessary life functions do indeed take place. As we progress through our lives, many factors impact our electromagnetic fields creating "static," disrupting and or corrupting that information exchange. The processes of The L.I.F.E. System aid and entrain the body, reestablishing its own natural dynamic balance. Proper cellular communication results in greater wellbeing. The assessments and procedures are completely safe, non-invasive, natural, gentle, and painless. Read more about the L.I.F.E. System Technical Details»


L.I.F.E.System includes our furry and feathery friend's health considerations:Pet Pad

Complete therapy panel in system software for animals, big and small. See program screen:

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Pictured at right, the Pet Pad completes bio-feedback interface.

Compatable with L.I.F.E. Systems Generations 1 & 2.

Horse therapy pad (apporx. twice the size) available also.

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